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Chrysogon Bamber

Role: Member CRC Editorial Committee
I was licensed in 1994, and have served in a rural benefice in Wiltshire ever since , being six parishes, incumbent and one other Reader. Just about to expand the benefice into seven and going through the associated pains and problems of team making.

I'm also Vice Warden of LLMs in the diocese of Salisbury (effectively LLM Secretary). Lay Canon of Salisbury Cathedral, and member of Diocesan Synod. School Governor of local C of E Primary School which is about to embark on a new school build.

My previous working life was in secretarial and personnel, including a great time as a school secretary in the days when we were still allowed to administer plasters and hugs. Now “retired”, but busier than ever – I seem to spend far too much time on the computer doing admin.

Family – retired husband who was a Chartered Surveyor, and two adult daughters, one who works for the RSCM and the other who spends most of the year working in Jerusalem or is here at home. Time out is spent in the countryside on Salisbury Plain or in North Wales where we have a little bolt hole. No spectacular hobbies or skills, apart from some choral singing, just a love of life and what’s going on around me – and I’m a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society!

\Telephone" Tel: 01980 670296


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  • The Oxford LLM Conference took place over the weekend (9th-11th June), attended by over 100 LLMs, the Bishop Andrew Proud of Reading (warden) and Phillip Tovey (deputy warden) among others.
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