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5th March 2006
"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young”. [1 Tim 4 v 12]
Younger Readers’ Conference - London Colney - Friday, 9th to Sunday, 11th June 2006

As the church now moves well into the 21st century it appears that the young may still face certain difficulties in positions of leadership simply for their age. Yet clearly the church needs younger people to be involved in leadership.

There are acknowledged problems in attracting “Younger Readers” and even when they can be found it is often thought that their voice is rarely heard outside of their own parishes. Perhaps they are perceived as too young to be involved in anything beyond their home church?

There are also many specific concerns for those within the younger age bracket, which do not affect a large majority of Readers, namely the pressures to balance the demands of families (most with young children), paid employment and churches.

Attempts are being made to address such issues and a Conference for “Younger Readers” (defined as those under 45 years old) is being held at London Colney (Friday, 9th to Sunday, 11th June 2006).

The Conference has been planned with the hope that each diocese will sponsors two candidates and that those attending will have plenty of opportunity to voice their own concerns and be encouraged in their various ministries. Sufficient time in small groups will be allowed for discussion, sharing of stories / experiences / passions / dreams and to encourage varied ministries.

The Conference is entitled “Glory to God in the here and now” with the hope that those attending will learn and encourage one another - within the wide variety of their activities and commitments, whether working in a rural, urban or inner city parish. The keynote speaker will be Bishop Carl Cooper from St. David’s who intends to “fire up” those attending with the need to truly love the word of God to be able to preach God’s word. He should be able to share the experience of the Welsh churches which have recently reviewed / re-explored Reader ministry.

Further aims of the Conference are:

  • to worship God.

  • to gain inspiration to seek ways of serving through Reader Ministry.

  • to examine the possibility of establishing a loose support network for younger Readers.

  • to address the increasing need for Younger Readers (and perhaps also the obvious need for younger people) in the Anglican Church! - it is intended that a report will be produced.

    Even if you aren't a "Younger Reader", please pray for this initiative to benefit our local and national church.
Contact name Andrew Young (Chair of the organising committee)


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