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19th July 2006
What does the future hold for Reader Ministry?
The Chair's address from the 2006 CRC AGM in Newcastle
Following Nigel Holmes' motion at General Synod, and the formation of a working party to consider the Future of Reader Ministry, Bishop Graham addressed the 2006 AGM of the Central Readers' Council.

The state of Reader Morale throughout the country triggered the debate, and Bishop Graham considered:
  • Factors Affecting Readers - The Growth of Other Ministries, The Decline of Morning and Evening Prayer Services, The Predominance of Eucharistic Services, The Sense of Unrealised potential, The Effect of an Interregnum, The Numbers of Retired clergy and The Issue of Status.

  • The Distinctiveness of Reader Ministry

  • What Can be Done to Address the Situation of Poor Reader Morale?

  • The interfaces between ministries.

    Reader morale is the issue of the day. Comments or responses to Bishop Graham's address may be sent to the CRC Website Editor or posted on the Readers' Forum.


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  • The Oxford LLM Conference took place over the weekend (9th-11th June), attended by over 100 LLMs, the Bishop Andrew Proud of Reading (warden) and Phillip Tovey (deputy warden) among others.
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