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19th October 2006
It has been a busy September in Lincoln Diocese!
A Study Day with Bishop John Saxbee, Lincoln Diocese Readers Conference 2006 and Governing Body Meeting at Horncastle
The subject for the 2006 Bishop's Study Day at Bishop Grossetteste College Lincoln was 'Issues In Human Sexuality'.

Around 80 Readers attended, led by Bishop John and Warden Alex Whitehead.

Bishop John opened his remarks with: 'God be in my sexuality and in my loving'. Our sexuality is part of the way we express ourselves - made in the image of God.

Human Sexuality is a sensitive subject and the Readers were invited to indicating their feelings, ranging from 'Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree', on a variety of sexuality and church issues, indicating tolerance to specific situations and the greater expection upon those responsible for preaching and teaching the Christian faith.


“Guard Your Heart, For it is the Well Spring of Life” - the theme for the weekend at Horncastle College, 15th – 17th September.

The weekend was based on John’s Gospel and led by Sister Clare (order of Sister of Charity and Priest from the Isle of Lewis)

  • The well of Salvation: a meditation on the baptism of Christ and all that has nourished us so far - Alex Whitehead
  • The Well of Contemplation: The woman of Samaria - (chapter 4 verses 1-26): This weekend was about relaxing in the presence of God who was holding us present.
  • The well of Community: Water into wine. (chapter 2 verses 1-11): We are called into the Christian Community of the church. We have the knowledge that God will ‘make His home in me’ and vice versa. We experience the church as a broken alleluia!
  • The well of Compassion: The pool of Bethesda (meaning house of kindness). (chapter 5 verses 1-14): Flows from contemplation. It is about what Sister Clare described as the ‘hospitality of the heart’. A heart without boundaries –open to whatever. Christians should recognise the intrinsic value of all people made in the image of God.

    After a weekend of study, reflection, prayer, walking, relaxing and fellowship, the Readers went away thoroughly nourished and refreshed – spiritually and physically!

    Governing Body meeting at Horncastle - Including discussion of possible responses to the national questionnaire.
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