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Central Readers' Council - Dedicated to serving the ministry of Readers in the British Isles and Europe

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The Reader - Spring 2018 (11/06/18)

Central Readers' Council - Data Privacy (29/05/18)

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The Reader Magazine


The Reader - Winter 2014

Meet the Author. Also C.S. Lewis, Perspectives on Jesus' Mission, Personality and Prayer, Faith and Wisdom in Science.
PDF file
The Reader - Autumn 2014

Perspectives: Atheists, Business ethics, Assisted suicide, Seeing and believing, Jesus' mission, Learning from scripture. Also harvest, Commentaries on Mark (year B)
PDF file
The Reader - Summer 2014

Prayer: Prayer with Children, The Lord's Prayer, Prayer in the Old Testament, Leading Intercessions, Prayer in the Celtic Church. Also: Port Missioner, Personal reflections on Reader Ministry, Poetry for WWI, Old Testament in Worship, Anti-Semitism, Common Awards, Change of CRC Vice-Chair
PDF file
The Reader - Spring 2014

Dying & Living: Living longer, Dying and Living - hospital chaplaincy, Reflections on taking funerals, Attitude(s) to death, Cemeteries & Memorials of WWI. Also: Service and ministry (Eph 4v12), Dyslexia, Day Chaplains in Chichester Cathedral, Personal reflections from Readers, and The Survey Results.
PDF file

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