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16th February 2017
Regenerating the Church - Dr Who, The Tardis and Time Travel
Portsmouth Diocesan Readers’ Conference (27th – 29th January 2017, Burlington Hotel, Sandown, IOW)

Regenerating the Church’ - Dr Who, the Tardis and Time Travel - translated from Galifreyan!

We have a new Reader in the Portsmouth Diocese!!!!! Dalek Sec arrived on Friday, 27th January and was given his blue scarf and his arrival began a week-end of teaching: Church history, Church mission past, present and future.
We were so wonderfully led by the Cathedral staff : the Dean David , Canon Anthony, Canon Precentor Jo, Canon Nick, Rev Dawn and Reader Kitty. Have I forgotten someone??????? Whoops!

Canon Chancellor Peter – THE MASTER!!!!!

Peter, complete with long knitted scarf, oodles of film clips and DVDs of all 13 people who played Dr Who, was in his element and his enthusiasm was infectious.
We learnt that the particular thing about the Time Lords (as well as having two hearts) is that they can regenerate. When the Doctor is mortally wounded or reaches the end of his physical life his whole body regenerates into a new one. He is the same person but different physical features, character and personality. Does this remind you of someone?
Can, indeed should, the church be like a Time Lord, able to regenerate and be completely different and yet remain fundamentally the same? Together we learnt from past regenerations of the church, examined where the church is now and considered what the future might be like and had fun and laughter in the process.
.... And the icing on the cake?
Bishop Christopher preaching at the Eucharist and the ‘After-Dinner’ speaker, Rev James Grenfell, Director of Reader Training, who enlightened us with a particular funeral practice!!
Contact name Mary Close (Secretary Readers’ Board)


  • The 2019 LLM Conference for Oxford Diocese took place at the Milton Hill House Hotel near Abingdon from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June.
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