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Reader Ministry around the Church

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19th September 2008
CRC Readers' Conference 2008 Reader Ministry in the Armed Forces
The purpose of the Armed Forces Seminar on the Readers Conference was to convey the varying situations that Armed Forces personnel can find themselves in of which Readers can be one.
This was done with a series of pictures showing Jo Byrne, the Seminar Leader, in various situations throughout her career that involved dealing with people of a varying kind whether it was the service personnel she served with or those they were sent to help whilst on operations and exercise. These areas included Iraq, Canada, Kenya, Lourdes and on Salisbury Plain.

It was also conveyed that the skills gained as an Army Reader as part of the training became an integral part of the process of helping all those in need regardless of colour, race or creed. There was also a discussion on the number of Readers within the Armed Forces of which the number varied considerably between the three services and the role they can play within the chaplaincy.

It was a very informative session which was enjoyed by all.



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    Saturday 13 April 2019
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